AdvintDAQ/AdvintRIO rugged cDAQ/cRIO/sbRIO based IP67 environmentally rated test systems



portable ruggedized PXI test system
Ruggedized PXI functional test system for field support

Portable data acquisition system

Connecting People to Their Data


AdvintRIO/AdvintDAQ, BADGER, and PUMA testers are scalable, open-architecture COTS based systems that provide factory to field functional testing and data acquisition of a wide variety of digital, analog, optical, electro-mechanical, and RF electronics and avionics.  Our systems are employed by all branches of the US military, the Department of Homeland Security, as well numerous prime contractors/OEMs to provide organizational, intermediate, and depot level maintenance support for the military. Our systems also provide data acquisition and factory test for both government and commercial customers.  The testers are highly reliable and provide high throughput at a very cost effective price.

AdvintRIO, AdvintDAQ, and BADGER utilize NI's CompactRIO (cRIO), Single Board RIO (sbRIO), and/or CompactDAQ (cDAQ) hardware. These systems offer high speed data acquisition/control and flexibility in a rugged IP67 environmentally rated package.  These platforms are ideal for aerospace/defense, automotive, in-vehicle/off-highway, energy, oil & gas, machine condition monitoring, field service, and other industrial applications.

Our PXI based system (PUMA) employs a 19-inch rack-mount frame that contains 3U PXI and SCXI chasses and state of the art COTS instrumentation controlled by industry leading software.  They come complete with power distribution, power conditioning/UPS/battery backup, unit under test (UUT) power supplies, system cooling, and UUT isolation.  In addition, our testers can be provided with customized I/O including a MacPanel or Virginia Panel mass interconnect ITAs, or terminal block/custom connector I/O to provide a reliable, high density, compact interface to the UUT.

ADVINT offers a comprehensive self-test and field calibration capability as well.  Our testers can be customized with other instrumentation, unique fixturing, and test program applications to meet individual customer specific test requirement needs that are NIST traceable.



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